8.29.2019 Donald

 8.29.2019 Ruth

  8.28.2019 Louise 

Helpful, friendly, professional staff, always happy to accommodate for both routine and emergency care

 8.28.2019 Rick

 8.27 David

 8.21.19 Kyle

 8.21.19 Laurel

 8.21.19 Margaret



 08.12.2019 Lonnette

Wonderful. Thankful for Dr. Thorson and his generosity.

 08.01.2019 Linda

 08.01.2019 Megan

 08.01.2019 Emily

 7.31.2019 Connie

Thank you thank you for always receiving trusted service!

 7.31.2019 Chrisa

Always comfortable, pleasant, cheerful and inviting. I would grade my Hygienist and Dr. Thorson A+.

 7.30.2019 Thomas

 7.25.2019 Tim 

You couldn’t get a better dental office than EGR Dental.  Always cheerful, knowledgeable, highly competent.  We’ve had nothing but great dental care for the last nine years. Thanks, everyone!

 7.24.2019 Sue Ellen

 7.18.2019 Geri

 7.17.2019 Laverne

 7.17.2019 Dawn

 7.2.2019 Stanley

 7.1.2019 Greg

 6.26.19 Shannon

 6.25.19 Thomas


 I continue to be very pleased with the friendliness and thoroughness of the services.  I had a particular concern about a medication and was most pleased with the extra time spent w/me in the discussion.

 6.12.19 Jessie

 6.12.19 Heather

 6.12.19 Cody

 6.12.19 John 

 6.5.19 Sarah

 This office is fabulous. Everything is done in quick and timely manner. Everything is always clean. I highly recommend this office to anyone in the area.

 5.29.19 Joe

 5.22.19 Connie

 5.16.19 Brad

 5.14.19 Don

 5.9.19 Kathleen

 5.8.19 Craig 

Nice, professional and skilled. Every time I go, I'm pleased.

 5.7.19 Alexis

 5.7.19 Willow

 5.1.19 Tamsen 

All staff are professional and caring.

 5.1.19 Brandon

 4.30.19 Susan

 4.30.19 Laura 

 4.24.19 Majid

 4.24.19 Kimberly

 4.23.19 Nicholas

 4.17.9 Terry

 4.17.19 Andrea

 4.15.19 Mindy

 4.10.19 Keely

 4.9.19 David

 Great friendly service with a follow-up call from the dentist afterward.

 3.27.19 Kerry 

Friendly staff

 3.27.19 Diana

 3.25.19 Michael

 3.21.19 Donna

Previous visit with the dentist and his work resolved the discomfort problem, and this latest visit for routine cleaning was helpful.  I liked the hygienist—efficient, pleasant, professional.

 3.13.19 Kristen

 3.5.19 Linda

 2.27.19 Rick

 2.27.19 Brian

 2.25.19 Jessica

  2.21.19 Victor

 2.21.19 Stanley

 2.19.19 David

 Always very friendly and helpful!

 2.19.19 Megan

 2.13.19 Philip

 2.13.19 Louis

 2.13.19 Thomas

 2.12.19 David 

The receptionist helped us determine how much our insurance would cover. I’ve never had any medical facility do that before!

 2.11.19 Elizabeth

 2.6.19 Lewis Very pleasant staff

 2.5.19 Darrell

 2.4.19 Brian Friendly and professional staff operating a clean and comfortable facility.

 2.4.19 Jennifer

 1.30.19 Emily

 1.28.19 Margaret

  1.24.19 Cecelia

 1.24.19 Dakota

 Have been coming to EGR for years and always satisfied with the service I receive. Great staff would and do recommend to friends!


Miche Very pleased with staff and doctor

 1.15.19 Dawn

 1.15.19 Patrick You all rock! :)

 1.9.19 Donald

 1.8.19 Meghan

 1.7.19 Gerri

 12.19.18 Lewis I get outstanding care in an atmosphere that is comfortable.

 12.12.18 Bob Outstanding in all respects.

 12.11.18 Kristie 

Very friendly and helpful staff

 12.11.18 Jesse

 12.11.18 Rick 

Dr Thorsen is amazing, I wouldn't think of going anywhere else.

 12.5.18 Michael

  12.4.18 Renee

 12.3.18 Brian

Excellent, efficient, friendly, focused, family friendly, caring, clean, knowledgeable, relaxing and good music

 11.29.18 Sharonetta

 11.27.18 Joseph

 11.26.18 Deborah

 11.22.18 Rick

Craig is Amazing

 11.20.18 Renee

 11.19.18 Louise

 11.13.18 William

 11.13.18 Greg

  11.7.18 Timothy

This practice is the greatest dental experience i have ever had.  Everyone is friendly; all the staff are very professional; Dr. Thorson is a great dentist.  Aleta is the most meticulous technician I've ever encountered.  It's all well worth it.

 11.7.18 Kathleen

 11.5.18 Brian

 11.5.18 Sarah

 10.31.18 Willow

 10.30.18 Charolotte

  10.29.18 Tammy Professional and friendly -- love going to the dentist.

10.22.18 Louise - Lovely, professional, helpful and informed staff, particularly Lucy and Lesley

 10.19.18 Justine

 1.16.18  Majid - Good care nice service.

 10.16.18  Kathryn

 10.11.18  Andrea

 10.11.18  Thomas

 10.10.18  Sarah - Always great service and a great experience. Thank you!

 10.4.18 Lexi

 10.2.18 Keely

  9.26.18  Chrisa -  As always your service was excellent.

 9.26.18 Renee

 9.25.18 Connie The staff is always so warm, welcome and inviting.

 8.31.18 Michael

 8.31.18 Nicholas

 8.28.18 Monica

 8.22.18 Cody

  8.17.18 Rick

 8.10.18 Mary Exemplary treatment from a dedicated staff and dentist!

 8.9.18 Laurel

 8.8.18 Gerri

 8.8.18 Jessica

 8.2.18 Ruth

 8.1.18 Lorna

 7.31.18 Darrell

 7.30.18 David

  7.29.18 MaryJo

 7.27.18 Anna

 7.24.18 Anamaria

 7.23.18 Susan

 7.19.18 Frank

 7.18.18 Jordan

 7.17.18 Laurie

 7.16.18 Renee

 7.9.18 Dawn

 7.6.18 Chris

 7.4.18 Kristie

 6.28.18 Gerri

 6.27.18 Patricia

 6.26.18 Marcy

 6.26.18 Easton

 6.25.18 Lauren

 6.21.18 Linda

 6.20.18 David

 6.12.18 Robert

 6.12.18 Philip

 6.7.18 Cheryl

 6.6.18 Anna

 6.5.18 Heather

 5.31.18 Elizabeth

 5.30.18 William

 5.22.18 Angela

  5.22.18 Joseph

 5.17.18 Lisa

 5.14.18 Codrut

5.12.18 Corey

 5.10.18 Heather

 5.10.18 Johanna

 5.3.18 Kathleen 

 5.2.18 Anna
 5.1.18 Jalaine
 5.1.18 Jan 
 4.24.18 Keely
 4.23.18 Michelle
 4.18.18 Matt
 4.12.18 MaryJo
 4.11.18 Majid
 4.11.18 Andrea 
 4.10.18 Susan
 4.10.18 Kathryn
 4.10.18 Peter
 3.29.18 Justine
 3.28.18 Heidi
 3.28.18 Keely
 3.21.18 Tom
 3.19.18 Michael

 3.14.18 Hannah

 3.14.18 Megan

 3.13.18 Connie

  3.13.18 MaryJo

 3.6.18 Anna

 2.27.18 Kelly Such a sweet visit. Sweet like honey to my soul.   "Pleasant words are like a honeycomb, Sweetness to the soul and health to the bones."  Proverbs 16:24
Walked in with a smile and walked out with an even bigger one :)  Thanks friends!
 2.25.18 Tamsen Always professional and friendly
 2.21.18 Kevin
 2.20.18 Renee
 2.19.18 Sarah
This office is very professional, quick, and helpful. I feel well taken care of.
 2.14.18 Paul Dr Thorson and his entire staff always treat me and my family with top quality care and expertise. I would recommend, and do recommend, EGR dental.
 2.13.18 Rick
 2.13.18 Carol 
 2.6.18  Gilbert 
My  recent experience was more than satisfactory; it was exemplary! I was 
well cared for at every step of the way and the outcome for the 
reconstruction of a broken tooth and repair of a partial was 
outstanding. As is obvious, I was very pleased and will strongly 
recommend your office to anyone who asks about a dentist.
 2.9.18 Patricia
I am answering these questions, although it was my husband who had the most contact. However, after he filled it out expressing his complete and complete satisfaction with the office, staff and dental work completed, he was not able to forward it to you. So please believe me, he was very, very happy and we will recommend you whenever we can. You might try to fill out the form yourself and see if it is easy to submit. Perhaps it is our lack of skill that interfered with the return.
  2.6.18 Cindy
 1.29.18 Jessica
 1.29.18 David
  1.24.18 Kristin
 1.23.18 Nicholas I drive 30 minutes to go here because of how great it is

 1.23.18 Darrell You give very good service, thorough and thoughtful.

 1.3.18 Laverne As always, the dentist and staff are wonderful!

 12.12.17 Jack-Dr. Thorson did an excellent job with my fillings. He answered every question I had and was concerned with my comfort throughout the entire visit, which I appreciate as a patient.  The office staff is always welcoming and outstanding.

 12.10.17 Margaret - Very nice, friendly like family.

 11.21.17 John - Very pleasant experience. 

 11.29.17 - Jack  - I was slightly concerned by the detail of the dental assessment. Dr. Thorson stated he would not have recognized that my teeth were out of alignment, just something that when a tooth is slightly out of line I would think would be simple to see.

 10.5.17...Ed - every one was very friendly and professional from the receptionist with the nice smile to the doctor, made me feel welcome and relaxed!!

 9.19.17...Heather -  If you have to go to the dentist, this is the place to go.  :^>

 7.20.2017 - David - Great service - as always!

 7.20.17...Patrick - EGR Dental is the best! Friendly, caring staff that do a great job. Nice location too; very convenient and easy to get to.

 7.26.17...Brian Friendly professional staff. I always leave with a smile on my face. 

 6.28.17.. Jackie - The entire staff was welcoming and experienced.  i highly recommend Dr. Thorson's office.

 6.20.17...Gerri - always a good experience

 6.13.17...Meagan - I've actually recommended your office to several! You've always been so so kind and the visits are always efficient.

 6.6.17...Laverne - I was very impressed with the Doctor and staff.

 5.25.17...Lewis - All personnel are extremely friendly, polite, informative and let you know what is happening at every step, making you feel at ease while a procedure is being done. Couldn't ask for more caring and relaxed atmosphere to have dental work done.

 5.23.17...Larry Even if I had the time I could not think of anything to complain about. So I wont!! You all do such nice work!!

 5.11.17...Anna - Professional and Pleasant

 5.11.17...Paul - Zero wait, zero pain...friendly, helpful accommodating and competent staff... Dr. Thorson is top-notch and runs a state of the art facility. I would highly recommend his practice and trust my entire family to him and his staff. 

 4.19.17.. Jalaine - I have recommended this office but she moved to the shoreline and the commute is too far for her. Everyone is friendly and accommodating.



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