01.05.21 Amanda

The friendliness and careful consideration this office provides is second to none. Thanks for the amazing customer service!

 12.23.20 Terry

Dr Thorson is the Best!!!

 12.14.20 Kathleen

 12.10.20 Roger

Very clean and all Covid-19 procedures were followed correctly.

 12.9.20 Andrew

 12.8.20 Norm

 12.3.20 Grace

 12.3.20 Karla

 11.26.20 Stanley

Excellent care and fantastic customer service

 11.23.20 Renee

 11.19.20 Terry

I always receive the best service from the receptionist to the hygienist and to Dr. Thorson.

 11.19.20 Zane

11 out of 10. Annie and I are so happy we found you guys!

 11.18.19 David

 11.17.20 Hazel

I am very happy with all the staff who are friendly, efficient and solicitous.
Dr Thomson is very through, meticulous and a good dentist and I’m happy to have found a good doctor and person. He takes the time to check on my progress. 
I am fortunate .

11.17.20 Charissa  Everyone is always professional and kind.  Thank you!

 11.17.20 Sarah

 11.17.20 Gregg

 11.16.20 Susan

This wonderful group of kind, hard-working professionals has been taking care of my teeth for twenty years.  They're the best.

 11.11.20 Kim

 11.10.20 Cody

 11.10.20 Samantha

 11.04.20 Tammy

 11.3.20 Timothy

 10.20.20 Elaine

 10.14.20 Rick

 10.13.20 Majid Good , Liked it.

 10.07.20 Laurel

 10.07.20 Kerry

 10.06.20 Carlotte

 10.06.20 Ulrich

  10.01.20 Patricia

  10.01.20 Ethan

 09.29.20 Melody

 09.29.20 Michael 

 09.29.20 Laura

 09.23.20 Hazel 

 09.23.20 Brian

 09.22.20 Chris

Great visit - love everyone in the office!

 09.16.20 Andrew

 09.15.20 Landers

Excellent service!!

 09.15.20 Ethan 

 09.01.20 MIndy

Great job thank you!

 08.27.20 Don 

 8.27.20 Rory

 08.25.20 Anamaria

 8.19.20 Hazel

 8.13.20 Roger

Office was very clean and I felt safe that they were following COVID-19 procedures.

 7.22.20 Sharonetta

 7.22.20 Donna

I appreciate the precautions for COVID-19

 7.22.20 Elaine

 7.22.20 Stanley

 7.20.20 Conner

 7.14.20 Karin 

Great job!

 7.13.20 Greg

 7.13.20 Tony

 7.13.20 Amanda

Staff is always courteous and helpful. Hygienists are gentle but effective at cleaning teeth. I have nothing but great service to report!

 7.6.20 Fatima

 7.1.20 Jesse

Great protocols and processes during the challenging time of COVID-19. Great job!

 6.30.20 Stacey

 6.30.20 Frank

 6.28.20 Julie

6.25.20 Brian

Always friendly while providing top quality professional services.

 6.23.20 Deb

 6.18.20 Anna

 6.17.20 Zachary

 6.16.20 Karen

 6.16.20 Phill

Great visit as usual. Love everyone at EGR dental!

 6.11.20 Hannah

 6.11.20 Kathleen

 6.10.20 Phillip

 6.9.20 Cheryl

I appreciate the care that I receive from Carrie and Dr Thorson.  And the entire staff there is friendly and makes me feel welcome.  Thank you!

 6.3.20 Genevieve

 6.3.20 Andrew

 6.2.20 Julie

An amazing team. Thank you for an exceptional visit

 6.2.20 Patrick

Love this place! You all are awesome. :)

 6.2.20 Archie

 6.2.20 Barb

 5.14.20 Don

  4.30.20 Jane

 3.11.20 Greg

 3.11.20 Paul

EGR Dental is very professional. The dental care and expertise are top notch. They also go above and beyond to educate me on how to take care of my teeth at home. My entire family goes to EGR Dental and all of us are very pleased with the care we receive. I would highly recommend EGR Dental!

 3.3.20 Carol

  2.26.20 Ruby

 2.26.20 Ethan

 2.25.20 Laurel

 2.25.20 Sharon

 2.21.20 Jeff

 2.19.20 Kathleen

  2.18.20 Deanna

  2.5.20 Ulrich

 2.4.20 Thomas

 1.28.20 Connor

 1.24.20 Barbara

 1.23.20 Stanley

Great customer service friendly and professional

 1.16.20 Sharon

 1.13.20 Andrea

 1.11.20 Anna

 1.9.20 Karin

 1.8.20 Renee

 1.8.20 Rusty 

Professional staff, was called back on time and wait was minimal. Staff very knowledgeable and was very satisfied with my visit! Would recommend to friends and family.

 12.17.19 John Very friendly quick and easy

 12.12.19 Amanda

Thank you for always providing great care!

 12.11.19 Emanuel

 12.10.19 Sharonetta

 12.05.19 Rana

 12.04.19 Kathleen

 12.03.19 Phillip

 12.03.19 Joseph

  11.25.19 Majid Good  quality service.

 11.25.19 Chris

 11.25.19 Tony

  11.13.19 Greg

Professional and friendly and efficient.

  11.12.19 Matthew

Great staff, they're friendly, helpful and quick. Dr. Thorson was very professional and his work was perfect. Will recommend to my coworkers and friends.

  11..11.19 Anne

Everyone was very friendly and helpful! I really appreciated the follow-up call after my filling appointment as well :) Would definietly recommended to a family or friend.

  11.4.19 Tammy

  10.31.19 Majid

Nice Care

 10.30.19 Justine

 10.23.19 Kathryn

 10.22.19 Diane

 10.16.19 Mindy

Efficient with high quality

 10.16.19 Karla

 10.10.19 Patricia 

Always welcoming and helpful. Thank you

 10.08.19 Mimi

 10.04.19 Patricia

 10.1.19 Sarah

 9.30.19 Michael

 9.27 Patricia

  9.26.19 Gregg             

  9.26.19 Tony 

Great staff

 9.18.19 Anne 

Dental care was a luxury I could not afford for a number of years. When I first met Dr. Thorson I was afraid he would say it was hopeless. Not the case. Excellent clinician as well as kind and caring and willing to work with me over time. The entire office staff are amazing. This is the place to go.!!!

 9.18.19 Meghan

The appointment was prompt and friendly; I appreciated Dr. Thorson calling that evening to follow up on how I was doing.

 9.17.19 Kevin

 9.16.19 Stacey

Thank you for being so flexible and calling to fit me in whenever a cancellation was made. Lucy is always so welcoming and has a smile on her face!  Kerry was probably the most kindest and gentlest hygienist I have had!  Thank you!

 8.29.2019 Donald

 8.29.2019 Ruth

  8.28.2019 Louise 

Helpful, friendly, professional staff, always happy to accommodate for both routine and emergency care

 8.28.2019 Rick

 8.27.2019 David

 8.21.19 Kyle

 8.21.19 Laurel

 8.21.19 Margaret



 08.12.2019 Lonnette

Wonderful. Thankful for Dr. Thorson and his generosity.

 08.01.2019 Linda

 08.01.2019 Megan




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